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There are plenty of ways to create content and drive engagement in order to achieve digital marketing goals. After attempting this assignment, I found that Blogs, Podcast and YouTube videos have greater effectiveness if I had to choose between the different content marketing options and not get overwhelmed.

Blogs: build a definitive audience created over a period of time; this time is needed for building trust with the people so they are willing to revisit their preferred blogs for more knowledge updates. Written in an engaging way, blogs are good at creating a direct connection with the target audience (subscribers), and drive engagement every time a reader comments or gives feedback.

There are many examples where companies strengthened their brand image through blogs as their primary content source and drove traffic to their website.

However, to build any traction, content quality & relevance is highly important. Today internet is flooded with information on most topics and hence to carve a niche in the clutter, originality & quality are essential to building an online community or tribe of people who want to read and engage regularly with a defined content.

For building the popularity of a travel website, I do believe that a quality blog can help greatly to bring visitors to the travel company homepage.

Podcasts: are nowadays a rage. Today there are numerous topics that have been explored or discussed over this medium. A podcast is an easy and effective way to share information about a particular industry, like for instance travel, and build a particular travel company’s brand equity. With the entry of corporates who are having their own podcast channels, the ease of recording, topics of conversations or popularity is easier to execute.

Podcast also works well with the travel vertical. Travellers can tune in to the travel content on the go, simply by clicking on their mobile device with internet support, anywhere and everywhere. This will help in creating exposure on a specific travel destination or mode of travelling or trends in travel to keep the listeners / fellow travellers updated with the content they are interested in. Further, Podcasts backed by well-known travel brands command ready acceptance from listeners, who trust their source with quality assurance.

YouTube Videos: Travel is a category where the audience is open to experimentation, creativity and new learnings as gaining new experiences is in the heart of a true traveller.

Recording new locations to travel over YouTube videos presents an exciting opportunity to showcase the travel destination in all its glory. By viewing the travel destination with its unique scenery and sounds it becomes attractive for promoting it amongst the travel community members to visit and explore the destination. Sharing YouTube videos is easy as well.

By keeping the quality of content in focus, it is possible to create traction for the travel website and get repeat visitors for the finding of new updates, for generating travel business and spreading the popularity of the travel website far & wide.

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Enclosed below is the link to the YouTube video, where I have shared my thoughts on the content marketing strategies that I find to be easy and effective to promote the travel website with the help of digital marketing techniques.

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