Hocus Pocus while Life Happens

Vandana Tulsyan
2 min readJun 12, 2018


Fault lies in the stars or Stars conspired to make it happen- two options to reflect on life events. For each one of us, the way life shows up down our corridor is unexplained and also pretty unique.

Whilst it’s not unusual to envy others, who seem to have got their acts right the first time, for the rest it’s important to embrace the setbacks and pick the clues guiding the path to the future yet unknown.

Perhaps the ones who got it right the first time, it could be the fateful collision of the stars with extra sparkle that made the perfect alignment possible.

For the ones left forgotten, it’s imperative not to interpret the incident as some rejection, but a reminder to pick up the chips and make extra large attempt to get it right the next time, holding tight to the blurry image driving towards the goal eventually.

Its much like the childhood Lego game where you made multiple attempts to get the city constructed and life is not any different. It often surprises with a future which is brighter and better than first imagined, like that lateral Lego block you built thinking outside the box, disregarding the manual.

In life’s heist, favourable solutions do exist to complement the duality that it reflects.

For the time being, embrace the second-place status, alike the proverbial Avis vs.Hertz advertising campaign with “we try harder” slogan that became an instant hit and also redefined challenger and the challenged with a unique twist and smarts.

So, stay tight, keep making those efforts, no matter how small, and keep the ones around you who still see the greatness despite the faults, and inspire you to achieve your dream. They are the ones that matter in your journey.

Remember to suspend the urge of self-deprecation, auto tune to the frequency of self-belief and continue ahead trying, inspite & despite of failures you will encounter.

In the interlude, trust the creative process with the results that the universe is to offer for ‘not giving up’ and then go rock the world.



Vandana Tulsyan

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